Destiny 2: The Final Shape Leaked By Sony Cloud Streaming Ahead Of Release

By AJ Hanson on 30/05/2024 14:01 UTC

If the flurry of DM's and text messages I woke up to this morning are any indication, Bungie and Sony are having a bad morning. 

The entirity of Destiny 2's latest expansion, The Final Shape was leaked via Sony's PS5 Cloud Streaming earlier this morning.

I should say upfront, there will be no spoilers or leaks posted in this article. There are plenty of resources online for you to find those things, this will not be one of them. 

It is currently unclear how exactly this happened, but it is definitely a blow to Bungie, who have worked to keep so many things of the expansion close to the chest ahead of the release next week. 

The leak not only allowed players to start the campaign (although it appears no missions were able to be completed), but also allowed players to view collections, and the episode pass, which has since flooded the internet with loads of information about upcoming mechanics, guns, armor, and more. 

UPDATE AS I'M WRITING, The leaks, per Paul Tassi are as follows so far:

  • First cutscene and some dialogue
  • Collections info including weapons, raid gear, raid mods, and lore tabs within those
  • The season pass for Episode 1 with the gear contained in that.

I have been covering games media since 2011... This is one of, if not the most insane mistakes I've seen in this industry. I cannot fathom how this happened, and how things were allowed to stay online as long as they did, and it appears to be entirely on Sony, who should know better by now. Yes, mistakes happen every day but... Wow, this is just.. I really don't have the words. 

For whats its worth, the community has been trying to help keep spoilers to a minimum, reporting tweets and accounts that are posting them, but in reality the only way to fully conceal yourself is to go dark until Tuesday, a monumental task for many. 


We'll keep you updated on any information coming from Sony or Bungie on The Final Shape's accidental leak.