Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition has a Release Window

By Callum Polak on 29/04/2024 21:52 UTC

When you’ve come home from a long day at work, is there a better way to relieve yourself from stress than playing a video game? What about going back to work… on a farm! 

Popular for many years on PC, Farming Simulator has found its way onto the Nintendo Switch, releasing worldwide in November.

The revealing trailer boasts over 250 authentic farming vehicles and tools with over 75 fully licensed brands in the game which include Valtra, Massey Ferguson, and Lamborghini (yes, they do a series of farming vehicles). If you get bored of tending to crops, you are also able to tend to your livestock, or cultivate trees in the nearby forest.

In the trailer there are multiple instances where the console’s touchscreen is utilized. Most instances are controlling game settings or managing the map.

It’s not yet clear how the Nintendo Switch Edition compares to the relative PC, Xbox One or PS4 editions however the trailer shows many similarities. The price point is something that needs to be mentioned. As most game ports to the Switch are very steeply priced (The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ is £35 on the eShop (what?!)), we can assume that Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition will be at least £30, matching the price of the game on Steam.