Ghost of Tsushima PC Version Being Pulled In Countries Without PSN Access

By AJ Hanson on 10/05/2024 13:51 UTC

Didn't we just leave this party?

In a move that should surprise no one at this point, it appears as if Sony and third party companies like Green Man Gaming have begun auto-refunding gamers who purchased a copy of the PC version of Ghost of Tushuima that do not have access to Playstation Network. 

The email being sent from Green Man Gaming reads:

Dear ______,

Thank you very much for choosing to pre-purchase Ghost of Tushima DIRECTORS CUT through our store.

Due to an issue beyond our control the multiplayer modes in Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTORS CUT will no longer be available to play without linking a PSN acount, and unfortunately your region is restricted from creating a PSN account. 

As a result, we have removed the product from our store in your region and we will be refunding in full all customers who pre-purchased Ghost of Tsushuma DIRECTORS CUT from countries unable to create PSN accounts. This refund will take up to 5-7 days. 

We apologize for any disruption this may have caused. If you have any quetsions please contact our Customer Support team here. Thank you for your understanding and once again, sorry for the inconveinence. 

Honestly? I'm not sure what else to say at this point...We just went through this with Helldivers 2, and while that was post-release...Here we are again with gamers not being able to access a title that they were once excited enough to pre-order! 

Heres hoping that something can be done to enable those affected by this issue, but at this point this writer is not exactly optimistic. 

We'll have more for you as we get it.

Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTORS CUT will release on PC May 16, 2024.