Nintendo Confirms Switch 2: What to Expect

By AJ Hanson on 09/05/2024 12:41 UTC

In an announcement on X (formerly Twitter) Nintendo President Furukawa revealed that information about the widely anticipated Nintendo Switch successor will arrive this fiscal year. He also took a moment to caution, however, that news of the next Nintendo console would not come during their June Nintendo Direct. That will instead focus on upcoming games released in the latter half of the year for the current Nintendo Switch. 


While this announcement will at least temper the expectations for the upcoming Nintendo Direct, it does little to quell the now seemingly endless throngs of social media speculation regarding the next Nintendo console. We’ve highlighted a few of our own thoughts below on what the next Nintendo Switch console could sport: 

Enhanced Performance:

One of the most anticipated upgrades for the Switch successor is likely to be in the realm of performance. With advancements in processing power and graphics technology since the release of the original Switch, players should expect a significant leap forward in performance capabilities. 

Improved Display:

One of the biggest chances for improvement on the Switch successor comes in the chance to wow gamers with a new display. While the Switch OLED’s display is a sight to behold, it still only clocks in at a 720p resolution. There is hope that the Switch successor will at least reach 1080p undocked, with a scale up to 4K when docked. 

Advanced Features:

Beyond just hardware improvements, the Switch successor is likely to introduce a range of new features and functionalities designed to enhance the gaming experience. This could include advancements in motion controls, haptic feedback, augmented reality capabilities, and more. Additionally, rumors have circulated about the possibility of new input methods, such as built-in cameras or touch-sensitive controls, which could open up new possibilities for gameplay.

Backward Compatibility:

Given Nintendo's track record with backward compatibility, it's not necessarily safe to assume that the Switch 2 will be compatible with existing Switch games and accessories. However, given that the original Switch console sold well above expectations, it would be silly of Nintendo to not include some form of backward compatibility with previous generation titles. 

Release Date and Pricing:

While Nintendo has confirmed the existence of the Switch successor, details regarding its release date and pricing remain elusive. However, analysts speculate that Nintendo could be aiming for a late 2024 / early 2025 release. As for pricing, it's anyone's guess, but given the premium nature of the Switch successors expected features and capabilities, it's likely to command a higher price point than its predecessor.

With that, we all eagerly await Nintendos announcement of their next console. We’re curious to know what you think the next console is going to be like, so let us know on social media!