Nintendo Switch The Best Selling Console In August

By AJ Hanson on 29/04/2024 21:52 UTC

NPD has released its sales numbers for gaming consoles from August 2017, and the Nintendo Switch has come out on top yet again, making it the top selling console in 4 of the 6 months its been available. 

Its not all sunshine and rainbows however, as both hardware and software sales spending fell off overall from the same time period last year. The growth that we saw from the Nintendo Switch sales was immediately offset by declining Xbox One and other console sales. NPD did state however, that overall hardware spending has grown 17% versus 2016 since the year began. Pretty impressive for such a crowded space with releases happening every month of the calendar year. 

Augusts top selling game overall was (not surprisingly) Madden NFL 18 with Grand Theft Auto V, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and Splatoon 2 rounding out the rest of the top spots. 

Another strong month for Nintendo caps off an incredibly successful start to the year for the company who released their latest console in March to critical and consumer acclaim. 

Only time will tell if this trend will continue, but signs point to there being no way to slow down Nintendo's return to its former glory. 

Lets just hope they don't shoot themselves in the foot with another Wii U like mess up this time around.